Our tulips

De Beemster droogmakerij is a special type of polder: this is a polder that is built at the bottom of a lake from which the water has first been drained. De Beemster clay is very good and fertile for agriculture and especially for tulips.

At our farm, the Nicolaas Hoeve Beemster, we have been growing tulips for a long time.

In autumn we plant the tulip bulbs in the ground. They start making their roots and then the cold (winter) period begins. (Tulips need a cold period for blooming).

In springtime, as soon as the tulip starts to make a flower, we select the tulips, which means that we remove the virus plants, to keep strong and genus tulips. From half April until the first week of May it is fantastic to see the blooming tulip fields in De Beemster! It’s absolutely worth to visit De Beemster, to see all those fields full of color and of course to take pictures!

Unfortunately, just when the tulips are fully blooming and we finished selecting them, we have to cut of the blooms of the tulips. Lots of people don’t understand the reason why we cut of the tulip blooms. We do this, in order to get a better quality (and a good size) of tulip bulbs. So the tulip stops putting its energy into the  bloom and the tulip bulb can grow, because the plant puts all its energy into the bulb.

After the plant has died, we dig up the tulip bulbs (June/July). We peel them, select them again and deliver them to our buyers (exporters or greenhouse farmers).

We’d like to welcome you!

Foto in de Beemster tulpen  Margret, Keessie en Niek  Loek aan t tulpenkoppen voor kloosterboer

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Click here to watch the movie from digging up the tulip bulbs


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