Happy cows

Our cows are happy and healthy cows. During the winter they stay inside the stable all day, since there is not enough grass outside for the cows to eat. They are also inside for protection against rain, wind, snow, ice and possibly cold temperatures. In the stable they can lay down on the lovely cow matrasses and we will take care that our ‘ladies’ have everything they deserve. In the stable, they get grass from the summer which was conserved for winter and they get hay. But as soon as spring starts and the grass starts growing again, they are allowed to go outside again, and they love it! The cows love the graze outside and because of this delicious and fresh grass, our cows produce the most delicious milk. Our milk goes to CONO, where they produce the best cheeses (Beemster) of this fresh dairy milk.

In the video you can see how happy the cows are when they are allowed to go outside again in spring, after staying inside all day during the winter!


We hebben weer heerlijke nieuwe aardappelen!