Beemster Eersteling


The “Beemster Eersteling” is a potato which is famous for its delicious taste. It is an old potato which is being grown less and less, while the original taste has been kept steady. New breeds are becoming more popular, although we believe their taste is not as good as our potato. The “Beemster Eersteling” has a great structure and besides that, it is easy to peel, to cook or use in anyway, nutrious and above all, it is easily digestible. You could cook them the normal way and serve them with some vegetables, but you can also use it for lots of other potato recipes. Potatoes contain carbohydrins, proteins and vitamin B and C. In early spring the potatoes will be settled in the ground and early in the summer the new potatoes are taken from the land, first by hand and afterwards with machines. The whole family is helping to harvest all the potatoes!
The new harvest is available from around mid-July and mostly available through the whole year for our customers.

kistje Beemster Eerstelingen 2012


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